Fifth Doctor
L'amour est un oiseau rebelle
que nul ne peut apprivoiser

"Hello?'' she asks. Her voice sounds surprised as if she doesn't believe that she was found. ''Are you real? Are you actually properly real?''
Steven smiles. He just can't help it. He thinks that this girl is so happy to hear him. He wonders how long...
''What's your name? How long have you been here?''
"Oswin Oswald. I've been here for a year or so, can't really remember now. I wanted to see the universe but my first flight ended very unlucky for me as you can see"
"A whole year alone against the daleks?" Steven can't hide his surprise. This girl is so brave...
He has been in the situation like this. Stuck alone only with Hi-Fi to talk to. His mascot was the reason he didn't loose his mind. Maybe Oswin was listening to the song from the opera 'Carmen' because it was the only thing that reminded her of home.
Suddenly Steven feels sympathy for the girl.
"Wait a minute" he says to her. "I've got a friend, he's called the Doctor and he has this ship that can get you out of here... Well, I hope so" he adds after a short pause.
"OK" Oswin answers. ' So I can start packing everything. Call your friend and please, please save me!"
Oswin wears a red dress, she has hazel eyes and long brown hair.
And you know what else? She has the happiest smile of all the smiles that Steven has ever seen.

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